Vendor-managed inventory

Vendor-managed inventory

Automated inventory optimization

When buyers are assisted by decision-making software, they can eliminate routines tasks, gain better insights into the purchase history of their department and typically reduce the inventory size. Our vendor-managed inventory software VMI helps achieve all this.

Software features

Our vendor-managed inventory software is fed by your ERP or production planning application, such as SAP. It allows you to obtain the lowest possible inventory level through:

  • continuous analysis of your rolling forecasts for bill of materials purchases
  • continuous historical analysis of MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) procurement
  • topical advice about reorder points and specifically correct reorder quantities
  • monitoring of unexpected peaks and other anomalies
  • monitoring of errors in unit conversions and other human errors
  • recalculation of forecast accuracy and subsequent adjustments

Discover vendor-managed inventory

Our software for vendor-managed inventory is based on the robust Microsoft Dynamics platform and can be obtained as a stand-alone software application for an annual fee. It is also a basic element of our integrated supply offering in which we manage your complete inventory for MRO goods and bill of materials purchases, your warehouse and insourced warehouse staff.