Procurement engineering

Procurement engineering

Turn customized parts into standard products

Every industrial company uses hundreds of customized parts in its manufacturing process or for the maintenance of its production units. With procurement engineering, it is possible to replace a large proportion of these parts with standard products. Not only will you procure these standard products at a lower price, but you will also benefit from the industry rule that for every percentage point you lower your manufacturing costs, your profits will rise by 5% to 6%.

Technical assessment

Some customized parts can easily be replaced with standard products. Most require the involvement of procurement engineers who can describe the correct bill of materials and who have a thorough understanding of your maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) supplies. To assess the potential benefits of substituting customized parts, we use the following steps:

  • scanning your purchases for optimization
  • assessing the options in terms of cost savings versus the cost of validation
  • identifying and presenting alternative products, with initial validation by our procurement engineering team
  • reporting our results, including possible changes to your manufacturing process
  • getting your engineering team to validate the alternative product and adapted manufacturing process

Technical procurement at a lower cost

This service is part of our standard offering for customers with a long-term one-vendor agreement or could complement a strategic sourcing project. When executed correctly, procurement engineering can lead to substantial savings in your technical procurement.