Integrated supply

Integrated supply

Increase your inventory turnover

An integrated supply project can increase your inventory turnover fivefold. The average starting point we encounter is an inventory turnover of one or less. We can quickly increase this to level 4 or higher for all purchases for MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) and goods obtained with a bill of materials.

Take millions off your balance sheet

For an average customer, stock reductions and other optimizations can result in capital savings worth millions of euros. We achieve this using:

  • analysis of historical MRO purchases
  • forecast assessment of purchases related to the bill of materials
  • increasing inventory turnover to level 4 or higher
  • inventory consignment agreements
  • shortened lead time of bill of materials suppliers
  • crib optimizations (stock versus service level) with our own vendor-managed inventory tool

And do it again

In the next phase, we take over and start owning your optimized inventory, which allows us to remove two years worth of stock from your books. Again, this can take millions of euros off your balance sheet. We also take care of financing your outsourced inventory, plus timely payments.

Finished in just a few months

Our technically experienced procurement engineers perform inventory optimizations on a project basis, with a lead time of two to six months, depending on the complexity of your production systems and the size of your current inventory. The typical return on investment is less than a year.

A likely follow-up is the complete outsourcing of your inventory, including warehouse management and insourced warehouse staff. By having specialists on-site on your production floor, we can assist quickly and gain concrete insights for further optimizations.