GIS Order-to-Pay Platform

GIS Order-to-Pay Platform

Why GIS Order-to-Pay?

In the context of accelerated digital transformation, GIS International has initiated an in-depth transformation, focusing on automation, implementing new ways of working and embracing new digital tools to remain the leading provider in Integrated supply chain solutions in C class spend. We believe that the implementation of the GIS Order-to-Pay project is a catalyst of efficiency and continuous improvement.

What is GIS Order-to-Pay?

GIS Order-to-Pay will be the ordering solution for all future Purchase orders issued by GIS. It allows suppliers to directly manage GIS purchase orders and invoices and collaborate with the GIS community via the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) – a free-of-charge and user-friendly online platform.

How will the process look like?

GIS Order-to-Pay is introducing the end-to-end process to manage ordering, invoicing & communication flows with the suppliers.

Main Benefits of GIS Order-to-Pay

GIS Order-to-Pay has the following key benefits:

  • All Purchase Orders are accessible via the CSP (Coupa Supplier Platform)
  • Online Purchase Orders acknowledgement & confirmations
  • Managing Purchase Orders Change Requests
  • Adding Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) at shipment
  • Creation of legally compliant Invoices
  • Automated “3-Way-Match” (PO, receipt, invoice) and approval flow
  • Visibility of invoice status
  • Easy track-and traceability of all documents
  • Next project phase & opportunities: contract management modules and product catalogs

How to Register & Access?

  • For suppliers not using the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) yet, they will receive an invitation via e-mail from GIS to register for a GIS account in CSP.
  • For suppliers already using the CSP for other customers, they will receive also an invitation via e-mail from GIS to register for a GIS account in CSP. They will have the option to request to Coupa to merge all existing CSP accounts.
  • Once invited by GIS and registration is completed, the following link gives access to CSP portal:

How to Use?

Ordering: Supplier will receive a notification via e-mail about incoming GIS Purchase Order

  • If working from CSP, full functionality will be available for PO acknowledgement, confirmation and change
  • If not working from CSP, supplier will get access via email only to the specific PO for PO acknowledgement and confirmation

Invoicing: Supplier will be able to select a Purchase Orders and flip it to an invoice

  • If working from CSP, full functionality will be available for invoices, including creation of Credit Notes
  • If not working from CSP, supplier will be able to create an invoice only for the specific PO via the link in PO notification e-mail

Usage options

  1. CSP Bringing Full System Functionality
    • Optimised process with Full Functionality for PO confirmation and PO change requests, track & trace of all PO’s in the portal.
    • Highest efficiency and visibility for managing the invoicing process
    • Registration invitation will follow
  2. Action Buttons via PO Notification e-Mail
    • GIS PO notifications via email that includes the PO details and the action buttons with basic functionality to acknowledge/confirm and create invoice for this specific PO
  3. Full System Integration
    • GIS is supporting this Full Integration opportunity for high number of transactions which is leading to extra efficiency on both sides. Please feel free to let us know your best contact person for setting-up this cXML PO transmission & e-invoicing:


Next Steps & Support

  • GIS will send invitation in April 2021 to register on GIS Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP)
  • You will be guided via a training manual how to register and use the platform
  • For further info