Code of conduct

Code of conduct

Ethical business


GIS International is committed to respecting and defending the values of integrity, quality, honesty and commercial transparency. After all, we know that it is important for our company to behave in an ethical manner because our business affects many different people, including clients, employees, suppliers and the local community. You can consult our Code of Conduct here.

No small print

So we are straightforward with our clients. We are open and honest about the services we provide; nothing is hidden in the small print. We care for our employees, valuing and encouraging diversity. This also goes for our Terms & Conditions that you can download here.

We do not trade with suppliers who behave unethically towards their suppliers, or their own employees. We also work with local communities and invest time in helping universities and their students in the spirit of investing in the future.


We’ve defined our moral commitment as a set of behavioural guidelines. Please click here to see a copy of the GIS International Charter of Ethics.